Silver Mustango- 09′ Outside Reveille HMA Mustang Mare

This was my draw for 2012 Norco EMM, she and I did compete and made great scores in most all of the events! This super sweet little mare was adopted by our friend and was just not big enough in the end. We continued her training after the EMM and took her to show 6 months later in the green classes at Wild Horse and Burro Expo, their last year in Reno. From there she was just ridden occasionally on trail and in the arena. At some point, she must have sustained some sort of neck injury because her behavior changed drastically! She got very easily excitable, hard to keep calm, rearing a little under saddle when asked to turn and was in general suddenly badly behaved!

It was discussed what we(owner included) were going to do. The year adoption period was almost up and there was still an opportunity to return her to holding, which none of us felt good about. This mare had been so good, I was so well mounted riding through the streets of Norco……there HAD to be a reason for her behavior! I took responsibility for her and kept her once she was titled. We gave her a good long time to heal and relax, then had her skull/atlas balanced. Dr. Gaber is a specialist and one of the few people in the world right now that do this type of adjustment. As she works her way through our horses, time and time again, we see tremendous improvement in their behavior! They are all calmer, more relaxed and better able to use their bodies. Silver will be back under saddle in January and we shall see how she goes. This mare is very well trained and will be ready to go as soon as we are sure she is back to her old self! This is another one we would like to have ready for the March Cowboy Dressage show! If you would like to help us to pay show fees and other care expenses to get her there and ready for a new home….¬†

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