Services Offered


We offer a wide range of Horse Training Services. Our goal is to customize each individual program for Horse and Rider to best fit their individual needs.


Training Services:

(each program is based on the needs of each Horse and where they are in their experience level)
  • Gentling Wild Horses 

  • Untrained Domestic Horses and/or Rescues with issues

  • Colt Starting done Calm and Quiet (2yr, 3yr and 4 yr old programs differ)

  • All-around Foundation Training (teaching the horse to learn and understand new tasks quickly)

  • Tune-ups and Refresher for Trained Horses

  • Balance Training and Optimal Body Use (helpful for lameness issues and a huge variety of behaviorial problems)

  • Confidence Building Skills for the Horse (for fearful, nervous or insecure horses)

  • Trick Training

  • Cowboy Dressage

  • General Preparation for Showing or Specific Job (no aged event performance training offered)

  • In-Hand, Round Pen, Lungeing and Long-Lines

  • Trail Obstacles in the arena and on the Trail

  • Basics for Cows/Ranch work

  • General Problem Solving

  • Garrocha Pole Training

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