How to Get Your Horse to Follow a Safe Distance on the Trail!

I have had a few reports this summer riding season that people are having a little trouble getting their horses to safely follow the one in front. There is a special psychology as to why a your does this and why what we normally do about it never really seems to work. Special care is taken when we are starting new horses out on the trail to try and get this taken care of in the beginning before it becomes a problem. Remember, the longer your horse has done this, the longer it will take to change. But, the good news is that it can be changed and it requires more change on your part to fix it. I have several exercises that we can start on in the arena to asses the severity of the problem and give the rider an idea of what I am looking for them to do to help their horse. I would also like to go out with each of you in small groups once we are ready and show you how to start repairing this problem. Little things that if we do them each ride, over a short period of time….you will see big improvements!

12 rider spaces/ $100 per person
unlimited audit/ $25 per person

Lunch and drinks included!100_8812

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