What some of our clients say....

Here is where clients talk about what Krista and Dave have meant to their horse lives. Krista and Dave both encourage their riders to seek out new experiences wherever they find them, knowing that they’ll return with a new appreciation of their FSTF basics. Whether it be to the show pen, or the backyard trails, this page will showcase every level of success. We’ll show off that first trail ride alone with just as much pride as any trophy buckle. If you find yourself appreciating what you’ve learned at From Start to Foundation, send along a kind word. And a photo or two to krista@fromstarttofoundation.com.


Paso Fino Mare, Miss P | Mustang Mare, Mystic

Syd reports: What I admire about Krista is her constant evolution in the art of training horses. She is always learning and practicing new skills and concepts. She has a keen sense of where a horse is physically and mentally and is able to adjust her methods to best benefit the horse .. .. .. She also is in possession of a great deal of my money .. .. ..

Syd is the proud owner of Paso Fino mare, Miss P and mustang mare, Mystic. She has recently added filly, All Hollows Eve (Evie) to her barn. Syd does lots of trail riding, as a member of Monterey Bay Equestrians. She’s shown successfully at the Western States Wild Horse and Burro Expo, as well as local shows. And in her spare time, she’s been known to ride in a parade or two, just for the adrenaline!

Dave is a very talented and intuitive horseman. He has an uncanny ability with young horses, inspiring confidence and willingness in them, while never pushing them beyond where they are ready to go. I look forward to him starting my newly adopted mustang filly next year!



Gypsy Stallion, Gaelic

I have been working with Krista Koenig for several years now and am more and more impressed with her the more I see her work. She has started and finished several of my horses. They have become the best horses I have ever had. She is an incredibly hard worker, innovative, and positive. She trains all disciplines ( at least all that I know of) and is proficient in most. She is like a European who can speak every continental language…but in “horse”. I have never seen a questionable move, comment or practice from her, and her comments about horses (even in the third person) are always pointing out the strength, not weakness of a horse/rider.

If something keeps Krista from being able to work a horse in training, she extends that period of time to the client (not even charging for the extra feed that she is out!!!!) . In the year 2010, she coached several of us (me, my daughters, kids who keep horses at our house, etc) to six silver buckles for High Point in many categories. I am delighted to have found her as a trainer and now consider her a dear friend.

Accolades-JIll4Dave Kneller was introduced to us through Krista Koenig. Since they work together, he was like the matching shoe. Dave is as hard a worker as they come, with great attitude.

One of the things that I so appreciate about Dave is his lightness with a horse…not only with the mouth, but with the attitude. He knows how and when to call a horse on an issue, but does it without “emotion”….and ALWAYS with the horse’s best in mind. I love how he keeps them quiet and engaged. He has started several of my young horses and he consistently produces, happy-to-work horses that are free to express their personalities while always being appropriate and polite. I have never seen Dave be harsh, unfair or unkind to a horse. In fact, he is very interested in the longevity of the positive mind of each mount. He recently gave me a roping lesson ( I know nothing of roping). His main concern was that I learned quietly, safely and in a way that worked with my horse.

Dave is much more concerned with giving his best to you and your horse than his ego or personal gain. He is extremely protective of his clients and horses, wanting his training to be completed only when it fits the experience/skill set of the client. Dave has also become a treasured trainer because of what he does with horses, and a treasured friend because of who he is.

Jo training with Krista KoenigJo

TWH Mare, Misty

Jo rides her TWH mare, and beloved soul-mate, Misty. As members of Monterey Bay Equestrians, they camp together, with Jo’s husband and MBE Member of the Year, Harry. As a retired mother of five, Jo needed a dead-broke and absolutely safe mount. And she had two particular dreams for her life with Misty: to ride bridleless, and to mount Misty lying down.

Jo shares her thoughts: I have known Krista for a number of years and in that time I have had the privilege of watching her hone her horse training and horsemanship skills. She has such an ability to tune into each horse she works with, to see what issues need attention and how to address them. Krista also looks for the individual horse’s strengths and helps them excel in that area. She is very respectful of the horse’s unique nature. As the saying goes, Krista takes the time it takes in her training to be as gentle as possible but as firm as necessary. I know from personal experience all that I have stated is true. Krista has worked with my horse Misty taking whatever time necessary to train her to be collected, to smoothly transition from one gait to the next but most importantly to be a safe and enjoyable horse for me to ride.

In the time I have known Dave I have observed his horse training. He has demonstrated a gentle but firm approach with the horses he trains. His calm attitude seems to win the trust of the even the most skeptical horse. Dave is very clear when he handles each one, he is consistent saying what he wants and means what he says. I have seen him take a horse that knows nothing about human contact to one that is a well mannered and trusted mount.

The most wonderful thing about this story is that once they perfected this maneuver, Krista, Jo, and Misty decided together that it would be in the best interest of Misty’s longevity, not to do it any more.

Jo is wisely content in the knowledge that she can mount her horse from the ground in the most literal sense. But she has the grace to understand that she does’t need to.


Mustang Gelding, Mustango

Comet was Krista’s 2010 Extreme Mustang Trail Challenge Mustango. Comet was a late arrival, but was a joy and a pleasure from the get go. Amy saw Comet and fell in love at the Norco event, and was the successful bidder. She’s returned him to Krista for some follow-up training, and they’ve been progressing beautifully ever since.

Accolades-Amy6Amy’s Comments: Comet and I went on an ETI ride this week in Griffith Park in LA. Rode next to the Freeway, sirens, tunnels, supension bridge, train (Kid size), bikes, people, flags. Crazy!!! And of course he was Mr. Wonderhorse!!! He is excelling in dressage, great top carriage and swang. Let Dave know my posting has greatly improved! I am planning on taking him into a schooling dressage show this spring. I am also taking him to Hearst Castle for a week ride in the spring. He has been more unbelievable than you thought…


Rocky Mountain Gaited Mare, Jazzy

Jazzy and I started out on the wrong foot. Me on the ground, her looking scared and a bit confused why I was on the ground! I got Jazzy as a greenbroke 3 year old mare right after my solid Arab trail horse of 28 years passed away. I had no idea what I was in for!

After having Jazzy for several months, I realized how untrained and actually unsafe she was for me to ride. We had a really bad spook, bolt, buck and fall – and that’s when I started looking for a trainer. I loved my new horse, but was afraid to ride her.

Krista saved us both. She saved me from selling Jazzy and gave me back the confidence I needed to work with Jazzy and learn to ride her. Krista took Jazzy for several months at her ranch and basically re-started her – gave her the foundational training she really never received. Then she taught me how to work with Jazzy and keep up training at home in the round pen and on the trail. Now, a few years later, my horse is a completely different horse today and I am a completely different rider.

Krista gave us both a fresh start and I will be forever grateful!