Running Creeks Apachie Arrow aka Lil’Man at Stud

lilman4Lil’ Man has been one of the biggest joys here at our ranch over the years. He has excellent conformation, has been highly trainable and has a loving disposition. At 33 inches, he is small, but still a good size for pulling a cart. He is trained to drive, both Tandem with a Gypsy Stallion and a cart, does tricks and liberty. I also use him to train other minis and young horses. He is currently mentoring a 7yr old Mini Stallion I rescued last year and they are both helping wean our Quarter Horse colt. He does not have any foals on the ground as I do not breed mini’s. My vet says he has a perfect mouth and teeth, my farrier says he has perfect feet, my classical dressage mentor says he has perfect conformation, I say that he has a perfect trainable disposition!

I have only used him for exhibitions and demos. Lil’ Man is a Leopard Appaloosa, but carries a grey gene, so has gone white and can still throw a grey. His sire is a known Stallion, has proven himself both in progeny and the show ring driving. Lil’Man has been tandem with Gaelic Dancer at Sacramento expo, been Pegasus at a bar for a costume contest and will be driving at a wedding this Fall. He is available for guest appearances where a small white horse in needed, especially one that drives or does tricks…..His pedigree can be seen at:

$500 stud fee, live cover only.



lilman2lilman3lilman and creepydoll1 lil'manpomona1lilmanpomona2lilman6lilman7lilman5

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