As some of you may know, we do training that specializes in untrained/wild or traumatized horses. I would like to share who they are and each of their stories. I also want to share the stories of the ones that have gone on to great lives as useable mounts. There are a few that will spend their days with us as they are not suitable for rehoming. We recently launched a Go Fund Me account to help with some of the financial burden associated with their care. Our special talent is to be able to offer the handling and work they need to get them under saddle and ready for a forever home. It can be a long process as there are usually physical issues that need addressed that were causing most of the behavior problems in the first place.

Some of the long list of things we look at in order to rehab these horses are: Atlas/Skull balance, Teeth, Eyes/headaches, soft tissue injuries, muscle tension/soreness, feet, ulcers, socialization skills/healthy herd behavior, way of going, past history(what we know or can guess), and there are many more. I have found in 20 years of handling “problem” horses that not one of them behaved badly for no reason. In EVERY case we have found something creating the behavior that once fixed, almost entirely changes the horse into a calm, willing, trainable partner!