Monthly Cowboy Dressage Workshop






QX cdfinals2013

Due to the popularity of this blooming sport and the incredible amount of fun we have been having, we have decided to offer a monthly Cowboy Dressage Workshop. We have 2 measured courts side by side here, as well as, a back-up arena with a measured court in case of rain (unlikely, given the current drought.)

Our goal is to get together and practice the tests and calling for each other. We highly recommend doing a “walk-though” of the test to familiarize yourself before actually riding the test! Not only is it very helpful, but quite entertaining as well! There will be professional instruction, we will be available to ride your horse in a test for you, Gaited horses and all breeds welcome. Walk, trot, and halt are the only prerequisites.

  • $50 per person up to 5 people
  • $30 per person 6-10 people
  • $20 per person to audit (unlimited)


Now with 2 courts, we have room for up to 20 riders!

Visit the Cowboy Dressage website for tests, rules and general information.

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