Mars Mustango- 13′ Born at Palomino Valley Red Roan Mustang Gelding

This colt was adopted off of the BLM Internet Adoption, he was adopted with another young gelding. We chose to bring him here and get him gentle so that he too can be ready for a home of his own. Being as he is so young, he will be ready soon. At this point we are working on leading, tying and handling feet. Once he can be trimmed, lunged, tied and led….he will be ready for his new person. They both have been very sweet and easy to bring along.  Our goal is to get one more horse out of Holding each chance we get. If they are easy to handle and halter trained, they are more likely to  get a home and not get older in the Holding Pens.  Mars will be 2 years old this spring and will be ready to take home, love, play with and pony down the trail. It is worth the time put into a young mustang and by the time he is 3 and ready for his first ride, it will be no big deal. He is very calm and intelligent, quick to learn. He has nice movement and will be a flashy riding horse someday soon!


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