Hank Mustango- 02′ Mustang Gelding

Hank is a fun, loving playful horse. Even with all his issues and fears, he still tried to make friends and play with other horses every chance he got. We met him as a training horse that would not allow himself to be caught. It took us about an hour or so to catch him and get him loaded in the trailer. Once caught and inspected, he had rot all along his back and a huge matted tail that drug on the ground. He had started out easy to gentle and they had him started, but over time he began to not allow them to catch and halter him. Even though they wanted to work with him and groom him, they were unable…….for a couple of years.

It took a few days to get his tail groomed out and a get him bathed. During this time we noticed he was very jumpy about the area just below the noseband of the halter on the left side. Once he was calm enough to have the vet out we had his teeth checked…..they were BAD. Hank had one of the biggest wolf teeth the vet had ever seen, the molar just behind it had grown a wicked point causing a huge lesion inside his mouth in that exact area. This was a rare case of simply not wanting to have the noseband over the sore in his mouth. The vet said it would have taken about 2 years to have grown that bad which fit perfectly with when he stopped allowing them to halter him.

Once we started working with him, we realized he had a rough start, someone went too fast and used a tie-down. He was jumpy, very cinchy when saddled, went too fast and did not turn left well. Dave rode him carefully while I taught him tricks and groundwork to help his confidence. This one was just going to take time. We ended up taking ownership of him when the owner realized the Hank was going to be more than what he had the time/skills for and they could not afford to just leave him in training. It has been a few years of a little time here and there, he gets better each time we put him back to work. He too recently had his neck adjusted by our Chranio-Nucha Specialist and I am most impressed with the change in Hank. Maybe more than any of the other horses….he had been trying to relax and get with the program, but was just too tight and worried sometimes making him unsafe to try and place. Since his adjustment he is a different animal all-together! Calm, moving forward, lowering his head and stretching at all of his gaits, relaxing while being saddled and cinched….basically everything making him reactive was suddenly a non-issue. The training still needs a bit of polish, but he is finally in the right frame of mind AND body to be a good riding horse to enjoy life with a trail partner. He loves the trail! Soon to be moved to the Available list!


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