Desert Mustango- 06′ Frisco Utah HMA Mustang Mare

This flashy little mare was also rescued from the feedlot headed to slaughter. Again, she was the victim of not having much training and being passed around a few times before being dropped off at the feedlot! Desert was very shy when she arrived and would cower in the corner waiting for you to halter her. It took her a long while to warm up to people and become outgoing. It is very important to us that our horses seek human attention, by being friendly it makes them endearing and more likely for someone to get attached to them. She has since made many fans!

Desert is extremely athletic and is amazing to watch when she runs and plays for the sheer joy of it! Rollbacks, lead changes and natural stops are part of her fun. She is currently with one of our interns for trail experience and more handling than we have time for. She will come back to us for some finish training before we offer her as available. She is very near to being ready for a new home….. I am pretty sure this is one of the horses we would like to have ready for the March Cowboy Dressage show.

desertnMicah desertndaveedited desertbag

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