Cowboy Dressage/Working Equitation Clinic Saturday 10/26 9-4pm

Cowboy Dressage?

Cowboy Dressage?

This is becoming a very popular and classy style of riding/showing, we would like to offer an opportunity to spend the day with us and your horse learning how to start this slightly complicated type of riding….. It will take some time to get good at and get your horse where you will need him, but what a wonderful direction to be going in! Nothing worth doing is ever that easy, good riding and Horsemanship is a life-long challenge. I want to give you exercises to do with your horse to help balance the pair of you, allowing the horse to work more freely underneath you and therefore perform everyday under saddle to the best of his abilities. These exercises, while taught and mainly practiced in an arena are also the building blocks for communication and sure-footedness on the trail. Many of you already have some experience riding Dressage and want to learn the difference.

Our goals for the day:

1) Separate your horses body into 3 working parts while riding
2) Use serpentines and straight lines to help you and your horse find true balance
3) The importance of transitions and how the correct use of them are the secret to softness
4) Simple exercises to help you and your horse learn the patterns and practice them correctly
5) Use of poles and obstacles to improve your timing and your horses stride
6) Have a GREAT time, every time you ride!
KristanMagicAthena and Dave
We hope to have you join us from 9am-4pm with Pizza and drinks for lunch. Room for 12 riders @ $100, unlimited for audit @ $25.
3913 Huasna Rd. Arroyo Grande, Ca. 93420

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