Challenge Test Update

EMM Mustango Update…Faith is awesome…not had much time to get them a whole lot further, but been lunging, saddled and ridden 2 times. She is ready for more! Ginger I backed up and spent several days just doing body work and stretching to get her to relax. I was tired of her putting so much effort into evading me, then assuming the “Llama about to spit” look once she gave in. She is incredibly tolerant once she stops, but that isn’t good enough for me. If I can get this horse to put 1/4 of the effort INTO what I am asking instead of getting OUT of it, I could have one of the coolest horses there this year! It sure paid off, she went for a run in the Flex pen with Faith while we moved Jues, then I stayed in with her alone for a bit and played with her…she NEVER once tried to leave and when she got far away, she would stop and wait for me. She lunges nicely for a bit, then we finished with a short walk. NOW, she is ready to train! Watch out NORCO!
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