Butterscotch- 2004 Fox Hog HMA Mare

We found this little girl at the feedlot, headed for slaughter last year. She had no one interested in saving her because she wasn’t trained! The handling she had was not good, making her very hard to catch. It took up to 3 hours in the round pen a few times to get up to her for the halter. Her poll and neck were very stiff and painful, evidence of pullback damage often related to a technique called “snubbing” where the horse is tied while being “trained”. Even with her hard past of being rounded up, handled roughly and sent to slaughter……she still wants to trust you and be your friend! This is SUCH a sweet little horse! The most endearing habit I have ever seen a horse do….she sticks out her tongue ever so gently and gives you a little lick when she understands or is happy. We had Dr. Gaber adjust her neck and it will, I am sure, take a few more times to get her balanced. It sometimes sounds like there is gravel in there……but she is healing well.

The good news is that she is healthy, sound, trusting, affectionate and soon to be started under saddle. I think she will make someone very happy when she is ready. She is now easy to catch and work with, just a few things that she still jumps at, but recovers quickly and stays nice and calm. I can’t wait to see how this horse looks when she is in shape and going under saddle. She is a lovely mover with a flashy trot and of course, you can’t beat the color! If you would like to donate to help this girl please go to: http://www.gofundme.com/ilobuw

Butterscotch stretch butterscotchMOKstandingedited

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