Betty Mustango- 11′ New Pass-Ravenswood Mare

This mare was adopted off the internet from BLM with another Mustang for a client. She was brought to us so that we could gentle her and get her ready for a home of her own. She is only turning 4 and will be ready to start under saddle soon. She is a very sweet mare and likes to snuggle once she has connected with you. Betty took a little longer to gentle as she would just spin right and run off when scared. She is soon to be adjusted which will help her balance and stay calm for the training she is ready to start.
Currently she is learning about catching, leading, Round pen, bathing etc. Remember these horses are feral and were not handled as babies, but still need the same process. Some take longer than others, but we believe in letting them work at their own pace as long as they show steady progress. We find that when the switch flips and they are ready for more, they show us. She is a fun horse when she is happy and not pressured so we have worked hard to teach her not to be afraid and accept guidance rather than avoid us.
Betty will soon be available as halterbroke and will start saddle training once she has had her neck adjusted. This is a fancy moving, smart little mare with a good mind. Don’t miss out on a chance at this clean slate!

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