We are located in Huasna Valley on the Central Coast and offer individual, group, and long term horse training.

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Come find your next dream horse. These are horses we have trained at our facility and we know them well.

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We offer specialized day clinics that provides focused time with you and your horse trainer in a group setting. Check out what’s coming up!

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Extreme Mustang Challenge

We’ve participated in the Norco Challenge since 2010. We currently are working with 2 new mustangs. Follow the journey…

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Meet the Horse Trainers!

Krista has been training horses almost as long as she’s been walking. She started teaching folks to ride and train their own horses, professionally, around 2000. Lots of riders and even more horses have benefited from her soft but authoritative touch, her intuition, and her never-ending study of the horse . . . and the donkey, the mule, the zebra, and lately, even the goat!

Dave joined Krista and From Start to Foundation late in the winter of 2009. As their working and personal relationships have grown, From Start to Foundation horses and riders have all benefited from Dave’s experience and perspective, as well as his gentle and patient way.

To say that either Krista or Dave are just horse trainers would be leaving out most of the story. They both find that their first obligation is to the horse. They make certain that both the horse and the rider are in agreement as to where they’re going, and that they’re going there safely together. While they train horses and they train riders, their most important objective is to help the riders learn to train their own horses. The information they share with their students is meant to go with them for a lifetime, and in any direction that the rider may choose to go with his or her horse. Located in Huasna Valley on the Central Coast, come check them out!

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